RWiSDA can only happen with the help and dedication of many individuals, meet the team today !


Mervin Cato
Centre Manager (SSC)   Schools Co-ordinator(RWiSDA)

Mervin has been working in education for tens years. He is currently employed by Enfield Council working with the most hardest to reach young people in the borough.

He also is dedicated to helping families to support each other. Mervin is the key link between RWiSDA  and Enfield Council. Their partnership is one of the reasons why this award has continued to be successful. One of his main roles is coordinating the visits between celebrity mentors , teaching staff and young people of the participating schools




D’Arcy Sallion

Having over twenty years creative experience, working in busy design studios within a highly competitive commercial environment. He is responsible for the creative output of a series of design and commercial projects for established  blue chip client projects in the consumer, retail and business-to-business sectors such as Daley Fitness, Harrods,  BBC, Nike and Kalo Sport

He manages, motivates and inspires his team to deliver superb creative work under tight deadlines A conceptual art director with fantastic ideas and great design skills, who is creatively brave and not afraid to challenge clients’ expectations. He is now on board creating stunning visuals and artwork for RWISDA after being inspired by young people working as a TA / Mentor

view some of his work at



Sheona Walker:

My father has taught me to walk with pride, dignity, to love and respect yourself and others, something that he wants to leave a lasting impression on young adults in today’s world, so by helping him to achieve this through RWiSDA’s is a huge honour and privilege to do. Growing up with my father his words to me were “You can do anything you want to do” and quite simply, I want to help to give something back to the future generations of communities.



Sarah Moore

Sarah is director of GeeStor Productions Ltd a company managing comedians and entertainers including your host Kat B.  GeeStor Productions organises annual fundraisers for Friends of Tafo a charity assisting a small town in Ghana and it was an honour to help mount Rudolph Walker’s 70th Birthday celebration which also raised money for the RWiSDA.  Sarah and all GeeStor artists are proud to support such a fantastic project allowing young people to develop and grow and to realise that there are no limits to what they are able to achieve



Ayesha Carrick

At 15 years old from North London. I’m currently in year 10 studying for my GCSEs. I am a black belt in Karate and have been training for 11 years. My passion is drama and I go to Centre Stage and Upstaged every Friday and Saturday. Hopefully in the future, I would like to work in the arts or become a journalist. I believe that the RWiSDA is a fabulous opportunity for school children to work together directing, writing and acting in their own show. It helps young people grow and find an inner confidence. It is an honour to be a part of the RWiSDA.




Lere Fisher

He is backstage presenter for RWiSDA once again this year – getting comments from the finalists & mentors; views from Rudolph, organisers, celebrities & the public; and opinions from the judges.  Lere (pronounced Lerry) loves supporting this event as he has a passion for young people and works to raise their confidence, excel and do well. He has the right balance of natural wit and seriousness. A raising star, he is in demand and has hosted for the likes of: Yolanda Brown, Kelle Byran & Dani’l Spicely (celebrity make-up artist).

Lere is a presenter, actor, and public speaker and because of his distinctive voice, he remains in demand to host fashion shows, concerts, young parliament events, television, & on-line media across a range of genres. He is concerned about young people in the Care & Adoption system and some of his other charity work tackles this issue.