Entry Rules

To help young people give them a sense of responsibility, to enable to use their spare time in a positive and productive way to offer an alternative to “hanging around” after school and to alleviate the boredom which may lead to anti-social behaviour.

RWiSDA is open to secondary schools covering London

Each school interested in participating in RWiSDA finals are to produce a “60 Seconds 2 impress” presentation starting with “Why should your school be selected for the RWiSDA finals?” This may be submitted in a variety of artistic formats, these can include; blogs, poems, speeches, dance, song….

Performances are to be submitted by uploading to You Tube or Vimeo and send the link to 60secs@rwisda.com or post a DVD to Mervin Cato, The Swann Annexe, 219 High Street, Ponders End, London, EN3 4DX.

This is your chance to be creative, these entries will determine places awarded in the finals. Rudolph Walker’s personal explanation on how to impress in 60 seconds can be found on www.rwisda.com

 6 schools are chosen to participate in the finals from all 60 seconds 2 impress presentations. Schools will be notified if they have been successful .

 Schools chosen to appear in the finals of RWiSDA will have to bring a single group of a maximum of 5 students to perform a 10 minute piece for the RWiSDA finals.
Please note: Only a maximum of 5 students are able to perform, however each group will be allowed a maximum of 1 extra student to help with lighting, organisation, sound….
(Please see requirements for additional information)

 The performing final group from each school will have a professional actor or industry professional that will hold workshops with each group prior to the finals.

 The finals of RWiSDA will be held at the Theatre Royal Stratford East  on Sunday 3rd July 2016, London before an audience of parents, friends, actors, industry professionals, dignities and the public.

 A panel of industry professionals will act as adjudicators, awarding marks for certain criteria, for example; script writing, timing and originality.

 The winning group will receive the exclusive hand designed RWiSDA trophy, along with lunch or dinner with Rudolph Walker at a London restaurant.

 Individuals awards will also be awarded for BEST ACTOR * BEST ACTRESS * BEST SCRIPT * BEST 60 SEC. ENTRY

The entire process is to be done with little or no input by teachers beyond the initial consultation. Students are expected to create, write, direct, produce and rehearse their own pieces.

 All rehearsals are to take place during break, lunch and/or after school and not to interfere with normal schools hours and work.

 “60 seconds 2 impress” entry is to run a maximum of 60 seconds, any footage running over this time will not be judged or could be disqualified

 Each final performance must run a maximum of 10 minutes; points will be deducted if performances run over allotted time.

 Year 11 students or/and GCSE drama pieces will not be accepted

 In the event of being more than one group in a school wishing to participate, an elimination round should be held within the school. Teachers and students should then decide which group goes forward to represent the school.

 Each performing group must consist of a maximum of 5 students. 1 extra student can be used to help write, direct, co-ordinate or assist the group in ways such as ensuring all scripts, sounds are passed to the RWiSDA to meet the relevant deadlines.

 Each school group will be given a list of judging criteria to help in the production of their performance.

 Groups will be expected to write a loose script to include any lighting direction, list and record any sound effects/ projector images help RWiSDA and technicians to ensure the schools performance can reach its full potential. This responsibility can be taken from within the group or utilise the extra student each group are allowed to appoint.

 RWiSDA asks for all performances to be appropriate and seek alternatives to using excessive foul language

Students will be given help, issued verbally or in written form to help them create their pieces

 you are unable to send the 60 seconds 2 impress entry performance, via the means mentioned above, please email enquiries@rudolphwalker.com to discuss alternative submission options.