To empower, support and strengthen young people. 

RWiSDA is open to all secondary schools for students in years 7-10 in the London Borough.
If you would like your school to be involved in RWiSDA please email: Call 07961 12 6629 or 020 7193 7898.
Write to The Rudolph Walker Foundation, PO Box 3087, Reading Berkshire, RG1 9YN.

Rudolph Walker Role Model Award (RWRMA) nominations are now open to all individuals aged between 11-16 within the London Borough.
We are looking for extraordinary and inspiring children or young people from any walk of life and from any part of London.

  • Who’s your young role model?
  • Who do you see in life that goes that extra mile to help others?
  • Who is that person who has overcome personal trauma?
  • Is there a young person who has improved your area?

Perhaps you know a child or young person who has displayed remarkable courage, who has tirelessly campaigned or fund raised or has started a business,
who has contributed to demonstrating positive leadership skills, have been a good influence to their peers and others, and a role model within their school,
community, organisation or home.

Support Us

Our supporters are not only the life blood for The Rudolph Walker Foundation (RWF) as an organisation but the back bone to enable our
young people to stand with pride and help them to get the best out oflife. We are looking for individuals, companies or organisations to help
us celebrate our young people in London and across the country bysupporting and sharing our vision of RWF and its initiatives. There are
many other ways to help to support the RWF, RWRMA and RWiSDA’s including sponsorship, donations, prize donations, website/programme
advertising or by offering your services, catering, volunteering, marketing materials. We are dedicated to ensure that all proceeds go to
keeping the RWF’s objectives and aims for the young people of today. We value all support given and no contribution is too small!!

Your donations help make “The Vision a Reality!”

Your contribution to RWiSDA is essential in helping us reach our goals
of making a difference in the lives of many young people. Proceeds
remain under the strict financial control of RWiSDA until expended
directly onto assisting the young people.

The RWiSDA team would like to sincerely thank all donors for their
generous donations. At the same time, the team expresses its gratitude
towards all the individuals who help RWiSDA by gracefully volunteering
their time, valuable expertise and helpful introductions. With the help of
each one of you, RWISDA is empowered each day!