6 schools are chosen to participate in the finals from all 60 seconds 2 impress presentations. Schools will be notified if they have been successful .

Schools chosen to appear in the finals of RWiSDA will have to bring a single group of a maximum of 5 students to perform a 10 minute piece for the RWiSDA finals.

Please note: Only a maximum of 5 students are able to perform, however each group will be allowed a maximum of 1 extra student to help with lighting, organisation, sound….

(Please see our rules for additional information)

The performing final group from each school will have a professional actor or industry professional that will hold workshops with each group prior to the finals.

The finals of RWiSDA will be held at a theatre in London before an audience of parents, friends, actors, industry professionals, dignities and the public.

A panel of industry professionals will act as adjudicators, awarding marks for certain criteria, for example; script writing, timing and originality.

The winning group will receive the exclusive hand designed RWiSDA trophy, along with lunch with Rudolph Walker at a London restaurant.

Individuals awards will also be awarded for BEST ACTOR * BEST ACTRESS * BEST SCRIPT * BEST PRODUCTION