He is backstage presenter for RWiSDA once again this year – getting comments from the finalists & mentors; views from Rudolph, organisers, celebrities & the public; and opinions from the judges.  Lere (pronounced Lerry) loves supporting this event as he has a passion for young people and works to raise their confidence, excel and do well. He has the right balance of natural wit and seriousness. A raising star, he is in demand and has hosted for the likes of: Yolanda Brown, Kelle Byran & Dani’l Spicely (celebrity make-up artist). Lere is a presenter, actor, and public speaker and because of his distinctive voice, he remains in demand to host fashion shows, concerts, young parliament events, television, & on-line media across a range of genres. He is concerned about young people in the Care & Adoption system and some of his other charity work tackles this issue.