Bishop Stopford's School RWiSDA 2012 winning performance We are absolutely delighted to announce the winner of the Rudolph Walker Inter Schools Drama Competition 2012 is: Bishop Stopford's School, Enfield    

Congratulation to (lt to rt) back row: Winners RWiSDA 2012 Best Play & DVD Charles Entrie, Emily Wiles (Teacher), Diane Parish (Mentor) & Luke Mogoli front row: Kazeem Sarumi, Florence Olowookere & Rhys Lanahan

Bishop Stopford School's Kazeem Sarumi - RWiSDA 2012 Best Actor with Judges Cyri Nri & Ann Mitchell

Majoice Maguddayao (St Paul’s Way Trust) RWiSDA 2012 Best Actress presented by Judges: Cyril Nri, Ann Mitchell & Phillip Hedley CBE

  RWiSDA Best DVD Entry winner : Bishop Stopford's Schhol